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A small but specialised team.

12th of July, Two Thousand and Twenty Two

Hello from Neue Place. We are a small but specialised team passionate about emerging property developments in Adelaide and hold a long history of working alongside one another in the creative space.

Collectively we combine a wide range of expertise, spanning strategy and design through to copywriting, animation and web development. We work with property developers to ensure clear, cohesive and profound foundations are laid at each consumer touch point.

Pictured left to right: Kristian, an animation specialist who has paired those skills with the world of web and is now developing highly interactive, seamless websites for property and beyond. Jacqueline, a specialised property copywriter who not only understands property, but can translate the intention of place to emotive wording, building tonal consistency across entire property brands. Henry, a senior brand strategist and designer working independently as a creative for the past 9 years, equipped with a refined eye for property and a deep understanding of the importance of our connection to place.

The last members (un-pictured) are our collaborative marketing friends Format Digital, who we work with to merge creative and marketing strategy, delivering high converting property marketing campaigns. We will be sharing more about that soon but for now, as we grow, we are currently on the lookout for our next hire and seeking further developments to help transform.