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Connection to place.

20th of June, Two Thousand and Twenty Two

Neue Place was established for, well, new places - with the vision to continue the positive motion set by those already forming our future landscape.

For the last few years, we’ve observed our home take significant leaps in the way of a global presence, rating third in last years ‘Most Liveable Cities in the World’. As Adelaide's culture enriches and population grows, there is an ever-pressing need for new developments and liveable areas to keep up with the demands of our ‘little’ city.

Paralleled is the growing need for distinguishable places, places that tell stories and places that feel special. The connection between person and place is a significant one, and one that lingers long after the initial experience.

Neue Place aspires to make a progressive impact on our city and beyond, bringing energy, depth and connection to our sense of place.