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Welcoming Moncrieff House

Moncrieff House website mobile view.
26th of July, Two Thousand and Twenty Two

Neue Place were invited by Luke Foster Group to brand Moncrieff House, Adelaide’s newest private medical centre. For Moncrieff House, the immediate purpose of undertaking an extensive property branding and marketing campaign is to attract a range of high calibre, subletting medical professionals.

Named after Doctor Moncrieff, a stalwart of Hyde Park Medical Clinic (the tenants), our purpose is to help create a place founded on his legacy; instilled with a sense of integrity and kindness that’s attractive to patients and encourages a multi-generational medical hub on King William Road.

Property branding allows us to target specific medical professions that will complement Hyde Park Medical Clinic, the head tenant, while suiting patients’ ongoing needs.

Designed in alignment with Hyde Park Medical Clinic, the Moncrieff House icon comes together as symmetrical circles, representing the seamless collaboration of complementary medical professionals. Directing inward, the icon points towards a central place while subtly forming a cross in the negative space.

Our icon works to define a strong bond between the premium nature of building's offering, the established Hyde Park Medical Clinic and its place within community - both past and future.

Our thanks to Luke Foster Group and Hyde Park Medical Clinic for the opportunity to take creative lead on a project set to enhance the sense of place for both the King William Road and Adelaide medical communities.

We look forward to updating you on the progress of the campaign as construction nears commencement.