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Moncrieff House

Adelaide’s new state-of-the-art medical centre.






Luke Foster GroupHyde Park Medical Clinic

Commercial Property

Proske Architects

King William Road, Adelaide



Graphic Design

Website Design


Signage Consultancy

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In an ode to the kindness and dedication of its namesake, Moncrieff House means to raise the bar for private medical centres in Adelaide. Leased by the Hyde Park Medical Clinic, Neue Place were invited to brand Moncrieff House and launch a campaign with the purpose of attracting a range of subletting medical professionals.

A royal blue forms a foundational brand colour with consideration for its close ties to medical and an emotional response of trust and safety. It’s warmth and vibrancy in tone allow the palette to remain approachable whilst comfortably sitting at the forefront of innovation.

Symmetrical and highly complimentary to the building facade, circles work to represent the collection and coming together of varying medical professionals. Inwardly directional, they point toward a central place whilst the negative space forms a cross, without the direct reference. A professional aesthetic that remains friendly, approachable and accessible to all. Designed in alignment with the Hyde Park Medical Clinic, ensuring a harmonious visual unison between the two brands.

Neue Place worked on the brand rollout from end to end, inclusive of all printed collateral and associated place graphics.

Our custom designed and developed website acts as a central place for the brand in it’s infancy, featuring building images, seamless interactions, highly considered messaging and multiple forms for collecting data from interested applicants arriving from the targeted social campaign.

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With construction commencing soon, keep your eye on King William Road’s evolving landscape to see the beginnings of the project behind our curated construction signage.

Our Moncrieff House Campaign nears completion, having successfully received inquiries from seven unique professions looking to sublet space. If you’d like to learn more about the project, or how we can transform your upcoming development, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.