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Sir Wallace Bruce Building

A New York ambience in the heart of Kent Town.

Sir Wallace Bruce Building exterior render



Inspired by the industrialist nostalgia of New York’s meatpacking district, the Sir Wallace Bruce Building blurs heritage and contemporary to create a truly authentic experience.






Luke Foster Group

Commercial Property

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Kent Town, Adelaide


Graphic Design

Website Design

Signage Consultancy

Commercial Property Marketing

Sir Wallace Bruce Building logo text on textured material

Our widely tracked and stacked logo type evokes a typewriting reminiscence, a style commonly associated with the early century era.

Book page spread with photo of Sir Wallace Bruce Building and text
Black right arrow

We designed and developed a custom landing page, helping captivate potential users with a simple story and seamless interactions.

Sir Wallace Bruce building horizontal banner

Typography curated and positioned for the building’s frontage, ensuring consistency with the logotype.

Sir Wallace Bruce building business card
Sir Wallace Bruce building internal office render
Sir Wallace Bruce building square advert
Sir Wallace Bruce building horizontal advert

Our assets for the awareness campaign run through LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, both attracting a considerable number of leads within the 2 week lifespan.

Sir Wallace Bruce building phone mockup
Sir Wallace Bruce building portrait advert
Sir Wallace Bruce building portrait advertSir Wallace Bruce building portrait advertSir Wallace Bruce building portrait advert

Organic Instagram story content created for the Sir Wallace Bruce Building Instagram page, pinned in highlights for instant access to new-comers.

Luke Foster Group were contacted by local, national and international companies over the course of our 2 week social campaign. Amongst private SME, large organisations, and publicly listed companies, the project received significant interest in whole building take out offers.